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I was hugging Jill as she died and told her 'Your battle is over, go in peace': A raw first interview with the widower of Ealing vicarage rape victim Jill Saward who changed the way sex attack victims are treated

How we tamed the wild locks of the girl with Uncombable Hair Syndrome: Five-year-old whose mop makes Boris Johnson look positively polished gets makeover to transform her unruly frizz

'It's important knowing she had her place in time': Mother, 35, in fight for the State to admit that the baby she lost at 23 weeks WAS a human being

Can YOU work out which of these identical twins is the mum? Take a look at our fascinating experiment to find out if motherhood really takes its toll on your looks

Denied painkillers, left hungry and not seeing their baby for days... how some mums are so traumatised by their NHS post natal care they say they'll NEVER have another baby

As Cheryl reveals it's the name of her newborn son, the other mums who say... we've got baby Bears too!

The best Christmas gift a mother could have: These three adorable babies were all born this year desperately ill. But now they are finally back home from hospital with their loving families

The sauna set: Meet the women spending up to £10,000 on hot houses which scientists say increase longevity and fight wrinkles

Who'd want 12 bridesmaids? Bickering over make-up and hair, chaos in the church and a FORTUNE on frocks. Yet more and more brides are opting for multiple maids

They're HALF the women they used to be: These once morbidly obese ladies who all lost SEVEN stone reveal the secret of their success

Proof every woman turns into her mother: We all suspect it. But in this fascinating picture experiment, five mums and daughters face the disconcerting truth

Would you let YOUR husband have Botox? Blame vanity or insecurity, but more and more middle-aged men are having jabs to banish their wrinkles

How long could YOU hide from Big Brother? In a TV experiment, father-of-three went on the run in a bid to evade our all-seeing surveillance culture - only to be caught by a 'Wanted' poster

Can YOU spot a love cheat from their face? Scientists say you can - now see if you can identify which six of these 12 people have been unfaithful

High-flyers who are happier being stay at home mums: Feminazis will rage but three women confess they prefer babies to work

Stopping their periods to further their career: These women are defying the laws of nature by using drugs, but at what risk?

Why I swapped Harvey Nichols for mucking out a pigsty: Country Life's 'corker with a porker' reveals why she left London behind

Would you go out with your hair in curlers? It's all the rage in Liverpool - so will the rest of Britain follow suit?

The canine Einstein: He can count, tell squares from triangles - and stick his tongue out on command. Meet Cooper, Britain's cleverest (and cutest) dog

Pop a pod in your garden: Introducing the new must-have haven for stressed families if you can spare £19,000, that is

Would YOUR marriage survive putting up Ikea's flatpack from hell?

The children as young as ten who will do ANYTHING to feed their internet porn addiction

The hell of surgical menopause: It's not just Angelina Jolie. More and more women are opting for life-saving operations that carry a cruel price


A luxury home for tortured elephant Anne - thanks to YOU: Mail readers' £410,000 in donations help fund new private estate complete with plunge pool and sandpit


Meet the mothers who post their BIRTHS on YouTube for total strangers to gawp at

Inside Hotel Bling! Unashamed luxury - or epic vulgarity? Either way every year 11,000 Brits splash the cash there

Thought there was nothing left to shock you in this age of over-sharing? Women who put their pregnancy test videos on YouTube

How I was turned into an ice maiden: It's the cool new trend - a life-size ice sculpture of yourself

Repentance of a drug rebel: When novelist Julie Myerson outed her son as a cannabis user, it split their family - and polarised opinion. Six years on, fighting back from heroin addiction, he finally admits: she was RIGHT to be tough

‘I was 26 and most type 1 diabetics are diagnosed in childhood': The deadly danger too many diabetics aren't warned about

Ho ho horrid? The neighbours love it (honest!) Inside Britain's most festive home

One woman, one store, FOUR sizes: Baffled by High Street sizing? Jill is size 12, size 14, size 16 AND size 18 in her local M&S

We're perfectly normal! Victoria's Secret's new ad has been attacked for calling waif-like models 'perfect'. Here, we show what it would look like with real women - who talk frankly about their bodies

The families told they're too middle-class to adopt a dog: All they want is to give a loving home to a pet facing being put down. There's just one problem

How modern life may be making your moggie miserable: Growing evidence suggests the way we treat our cats is leaving them stressed and depressed, writes Jill Foster

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