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The Luxury of Time - Jane and Mike Tomlinson


'Words like courageous and determined are woefully inadequate to describe Jane and Mike. We've never met anyone quite like them and their searing honesty in this book is a tribute to the way they have played the cards fate dealt them. What is especially unusual about their account of living with terminal cancer is their honesty and openness about the pressures on their relationship with each other and their children and even the financial difficulties it caused. For any other family going through this trauma, we are sure this book would be an enormous help.' 



'She is an inspiration -- not just for other people who are struggling with terminal illness, but for everyone who ever felt daunted, overwhelmed, or just plain terrified by the hand life has dealt them. THE LUXURY OF TIME is Jane and Mike's dual account of the journey from 'ordinary' to 'heroic'... Their honesty is often heartbreaking, but they are also angry, bloody-minded, funny and quite incredibly brave. At the time of writing, Jane is still here. When the sun does go down, this book will stand as a fine record of a life packed with achievement.' 
- Kate Saunders, THE SUNDAY TIMES

You Can't Take It With You - Jane and Mike Tomlinson


'I may have led England to a World Cup victory, but Jane Tomlinson’s achievements... leave me feeling positively humble. Jane is quite simply an inspiration. There is no other word to describe her. She is truly a great British heroine, even though she’d doubtless be embarrassed by that description. But what else can you say about a woman who has dedicated six years since being diagnosed with terminal cancer to selflessly raising over £1 million for her charity causes. The series of marathons, triathlons, Ironman events and cycling challenges she has undertaken during that time would prove daunting to the vast majority of professional sportsmen. Her courage and sheer determination beggar belief, and reinforce her message that a terminal cancer prognosis can still involve an active and fruitful life.' 

How Good is That?: The Story of a Reluctant Heroine

- Jane and Mike Tomlinson


On 1 September 2006, Jane finished a nine-week, 3,700-mile cycle ride across America. It was hailed as one of the greatest endurance feats ever undertaken by a terminal cancer sufferer. Jane's husband, Mike, called it 'a celebration of the human spirit over the body's frailty'. HOW GOOD IS THAT? takes the reader behind the scenes of the ride and, as well, examines the shifting nature of the couple's perspectives as they faced up, with candour and honesty, to the greatest of challenges. The book, already substantially written by Jane for her part, will be completed by Mike to give the reader an incredible and moving insight into the achievements, emotional and physical, of a woman who inspired a nation.

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